We’re a family-owned and operated plumbing and heating business that’s been taking care of families and companies for over 30 years.
Whether you need to warm up, cool down, keep the water running—or stop it from running!— we’re here to get the job done right, the first time.


    Floor Heating Systems

    Residential Services

    We’re here to keep you comfortable!
    • Specializing in in-floor heating systems
    • Energy efficiency upgrades
    • Full heating, plumbing, and cooling system design and installation for custom builds
    • New installations, repairs, and retrofits:
      • Furnaces
      • Boilers
      • Water heaters
      • Garage heaters
      • Combination boilers/water heaters
      • Instant hot water systems
      • Ventilation/exhaust fans
      • Heat pumps
      • Air conditioners
    • Plumbing installations and repairs
    • Pump/sump pump installation and repairs
    • Heating systems installed and repaired
    • Rural water and sewer system installations and repairs
    • Gas fitting
    • Duct systems and sheet metal fabrication
    Commercial Plumbing and Heating Services

    Commercial Services

    Offices and Retail
    • Specializing in heating systems for offices
    • Full heating and cooling system design and installation
    • Energy efficiency upgrades
    • Plumbing and heating installations, repairs, and retrofits
    • Air conditioning installation and service
    • Air filtration systems
    • Air exchange systems
    • Exhaust and ventilation systems
    • Water heater installation and repairs
    Commercial Plumbing and Heating Systems Services

    Commercial Services

    Shops and Warehouse
    • Heating: In-floor heating, overhead heaters, infrared heaters installation and repairs
    • Exhaust and make-up air system installations and repairs
    • Water heater installations, repairs, and retrofits
    • Water pressure system installations, repairs, and retrofits
    • Compressed air line installations
    • Gas fitting
    • Cooling
    • Plumbing
    Commercial Plumbing and Heating Services

    Commercial Services

    • Camp hook-ups, repairs, and maintenances
    • Installation and repairs:
      • Furnaces
      • Water pump systems
      • Water heaters
      • Sewer and drainage systems


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    We supply and service the products that you need. Not sure which brand or features are best for you? We’ll give you our top recommendations based on your needs and budget.

    • Furnaces
    • On-demand water heaters
    • Hot water tanks
    • Boilers
    • Shop heaters
    • Garage heaters
    • Infrared heaters
    • In-floor heating systems
    • Water pumps and filtration systems
    • Ventilation fans
    • Sump pumps
    • Air exchangers
    • Garburators
    • Gas fireplaces
    • Air filtration systems
    • Heat recovery ventilators


      Photo of Peace River Valley

      There are two reasons we started our business in the Peace River Country back in the 90’s people and businesses needed plumbing and heating services, and we wanted to put our own values of quality and honesty into every job we did.

      While a few things have changed over the past few decades, we’re still committed to great service and keeping all of our customers comfortable in their homes and businesses.

      For us, business is personal. It’s about getting the job right, the first time. Because we’re family owned and operated, our reputation is directly connected to who we are. Plus, it just makes good old-fashioned business sense to take good care of our customers. So, when you need a plumbing or heating job done right, give us a call. We’re happy to help!


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      We sure do! Everything from installing hot water tanks to sump pumps.
      Yes, we’re happy to keep our customers warm and cozy—no matter how cold it is outside!
      Yes, we provide full plumbing and heating services to our residential customers.
      This is a common question. What are often called ‘instantaneous’ hot water heaters are really on-demand water heaters.
      This means you won’t get hot water from your faucet any faster than a traditional hot water heater. But you will get continuous hot water when it gets hot (so the last person to shower in the morning is still going to get hot water).
      Some of these types of filters are so dense they choke off the airflow too much for the furnace to work properly. Try switching to a different filter and see if that makes a difference.
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